ONE Hundred

Today is our monthly Welcome/ Birthday party!! In honor of our birthdays, I wanted to share this little poem. I don’t know what it’s like to be one hundred Life’s challenging at only thirty-three But if I ever live to be one hundred I hope my friends will still remember me. How’d you ever get to be one hundred? I sometimes ask our friends with us today “We never drank or smoked,” they say so proudly “And ne’er to God did we forget to pray.” Did you ever think you’d really be one hundred And are you glad you’ve made it all this way? “My wife’s one hundred too,” said one good man, “My love for her grows stronger every day.” Things get clearer once you turn one hundred The wisdom star

Medicare Coverage

Insurance provides safety and security against loss on a particular event. You have to have it. And most, over the age of 65 have coverage of Medicare. But what exactly does it cover? Do you know what it covers concerning skilled nursing facilities? Let’s go through a Medicare run-down! Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) covers skilled nursing care (often known as rehabilitation) provided in a skilled nursing facility (SNF) under certain conditions for a limited time. Medicare-covered services (if needed to meet your health goal) include, but are not limited to: Semi-private room (or private room if the facility has no extra fees) Meals Skilled nursing care Physical and occupational th

Supper Club

Supper Club is this week!! Thursday the 18th to be exact. What is Supper Club you ask? Why do I need to be there? What is it all about? Glad you asked! Supper Club is all about friends, family, residents, and employees gathering together for food, fun, and fellowship. It’s none other than a delicious at-home get-together that allows everyone to spend time with one another and engage in conversation. It’s just a fun reason to have a PARTY! Supper Club is important to us at Mitchell-Hollingsworth because it is a time where we put everything aside and we make that time for our friends. We long for our residents and employees to build deeper connections with one another and it is a commitment

Vacation Time for Everyone

Birthdays, holidays, graduations, reunions, quick trips! We completely understand that from time to time residents may wish to be away from the facility overnight. We don’t want them to miss out on important family gatherings and events that mean something special to them. We want them to be able to share in those big celebrations and special memories! In this case, this is called therapeutic leave and it is for residents of the nursing home only, not rehab short-term care patients. We do, however, have to use caution to ensure Medicaid eligibility is uninterrupted so that our residents do not lose their coverage. We also will provide you with bed-hold information before the leave takes

Tips for Balancing Work, School, and FAMILY Life

With school starting back, households everywhere are yet again becoming hectic in the mornings, afternoons, and evenings. There’s the hustle and bustle of getting everyone ready and out the door in the mornings and then coming home to homework and the preparation to do it all again the very next day. Your day may seem filled with school and work, but don’t forget to throw a little family in there as well. There is really no special formula to achieving BALANCE and getting everything done in a day and as you will find, your family’s routine may be quite different from your neighbors. The key to obtaining a perfect balance to YOUR life is finding solutions to your daily challenges and balan

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