National Physical Therapy Month

Do you have an orthopedic surgery coming up and the doctor has mentioned physical therapy and rehabilitation? Is Mom or Dad hospitalized unexpectedly and now needing physical therapy post hospitalization? While you might be fully aware of what physical therapy is, do you REALLY know what it is they do? Why is physical therapy important? And why should we be celebrating it this month? National Physical Therapy Month is this month, October! The goal of the month-long celebration is to raise awareness of the important role that physical therapists and physical therapy assistants play in helping people decrease pain, improve mobility, and engage in healthy lifestyles. National Physical Therapy

International Infection Prevention Week

This year, International Infection Prevention week is October 16–22, and the theme is “Break the Chain of Infection.” The Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology wants to spread the message about how the public and healthcare professionals can help “Break the Chain of Infection” in healthcare settings and in the community. Do you know the basics of infection prevention? The number one thing you can do is focus on good hand hygiene! Clean hands, stop germs! It is one of the easiest and effective ways to prevent the spread of infections. At Mitchell-Hollingsworth, we understand that the safety of staff, residents, and visitors is of utmost importance. That's why w

Pastoral Care Week

National Pastoral Care Week started in 1983 when the National Association of Catholic Chaplains passed a resolution to establish a Pastoral Care Week. It was not until October of 1985 that the first Pastoral Care Week was held. Each year since, a full week in October has been set to provide an opportunity for chaplains and pastoral care providers to celebrate their various ministries. By 1995, the word national was dropped from National Pastoral Care Week because it was obvious that it was not just a national celebration but, in fact, an international one. Next week October 16-22, we are proud to honor Pastoral Care Week. It is a time to learn and promote pastoral care, honor the practice of

National Healthcare Foodservice Workers Week

While searching for nursing home placement, quality care is definitely the most important factor involved. Quality care contributes to a good quality of life. But what else contributes to a good quality of life? That would be none other than food! Nursing homes often have a bad rap for their food, often being compared or called “hospital food”. If there’s one thing for sure, food services in long term care have come a long way. In 1985, the U.S. Congress declared that the first week of October would be a national time to recognize the integral role that foodservice staff have in helping employees and patients of healthcare facilities stay well-nourished and healthy. The Association for

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