Common Causes of Poor Sleep in Older Adults

As we age we often experience normal changes in our sleeping patterns, such as becoming sleepy earlier, waking up earlier, or enjoying less deep sleep. Some even have a harder time falling asleep and more trouble staying asleep than when they were younger. However, it is a common misconception that sleep needs decline with age and that disturbed sleep, waking up tired every day, and other symptoms of insomnia are a normal part of aging. Sleep is just as important to our physical and emotional health as we age as it was when we were younger. We can’t help but wonder what is keeping our older adults awake at night. Changes in the patterns of our sleep occur as we age and this may contribute to

Memory Care

When considering a long term care facility for a parent or loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, you should try to make sure that the care that's provided is closely aligned with your loved one’s needs. Memory care communities are a good option when a loved one might require specialized care. Below are some questions you may ask yourself when considering the need for a memory care community. What is your loved one's level of mobility? Does she walk independently or require walker or wheelchair? Does your loved one show aggression or other behavior issues? Does your loved one wander or seek exits? Does your loved one need help eating? Does your loved one need help toileting or expe

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