Breast Cancer Detection

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month! Last week we touched on avoidable and unavoidable risk factors of breast cancer. We know that DNA has the largest factor on breast cancer occurrence and while it can’t be prevented, there are three important steps to help detect it earlier, which in turns increases your chances of finding the breast cancer before it spreads to other parts of the body and is harder to treat. Women can proactively increase their chances of early detection of breast cancer by following these three recommended steps included in the guidelines set by the American Cancer Society. This three-pronged approach is believed to be more effective than any one exam or test alone.

Halloween Activities for Seniors

Halloween is a great opportunity for holiday-themed activities at nursing homes, assisted livings, senior centers, and even at home. Halloween activities can bring people together, encourage camaraderie, and give everyone a chance to enjoy some spooky fun. Halloween crafts completed in September or early October can be used as decorations throughout the rest of the month up until the holiday. The seniors will enjoy decorating and putting their mark on their home or facility they live. Here are some great ideas for Halloween-themed activities especially if you plan to volunteer or host these activities: 1. Decorate pumpkins. One of the best traditional crafts for Halloween time is making jack

Breast Cancer Self Exam

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month! This month we have touched on avoidable and unavoidable risk factors of breast cancer as well as three very important and recommended steps women can follow to proactively increase their chances of early breast cancer detection. One of those steps included the Self Breast Exam or SBE. While this test may seem like common sense, many run through it without being fully aware of their body and possible changes. Here are some details of how the test should be performed: 1) In the Shower- This is used as a rule of thumb because it is an easy way to train yourself to routinely perform your exam. Using the pads of your fingers, move around your entire breas

Osteoporosis Day

Today is World Osteoporosis Day! You might have heard of the term, but do you know what Osteoporosis is? Osteoporosis is a bone disease that occurs when the body loses too much bone, makes too little bone, or both. As a result, bones become weak and may break from a fall or, in serious cases, from sneezing or minor bumps. Osteoporosis means “porous bone.” When viewed under a microscope, healthy bone looks like a honeycomb. When osteoporosis occurs, the holes and spaces in the honeycomb are much larger than in healthy bone. These bones have lost density or mass and contain abnormal tissue structure. As bones become less dense, they weaken and are more likely to break. If you’re 50 or older an

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month! Just like with all of our blogs, we always want to be able to educate and help someone in some way. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among American women. 1 in every 8 is affected. Cancer begins in the cells which are the basic building blocks that make up tissue. Tissue is found in the breast and other parts of the body. Sometimes, the process of cell growth goes wrong and new cells form when the body doesn’t need them and old or damaged cells do not die as they should. When this occurs, a build up of cells often forms a mass of tissue called a lump, growth, or tumor. Breast cancer occurs when these malignant tumors develop in the breast. The

The Role of the Case Manager

This week is Case Management week! Most people have heard the term case manager, but may be unfamiliar with the actual role of the position. Today’s healthcare environment demands constant attention to improvements in quality, safety, and the patient’s experience with care. The goal of any healthcare provider, including case managers and social workers, is to have patients want to return to them when necessary for their healthcare needs. A case manager or social worker plays an integral role in this by ensuring that the patients receive the highest level of care possible. They do this when they assess them, conduct a clinical review, prepare a discharge plan, or expedite a delay in delivery

Sleep & Older Adults

A good night’s sleep is important to older adults for many reasons. It helps improve concentration and memory formation, allows the body to repair any cell damage that occurred during the day, and refreshes the immune system, which helps to prevent disease. Older adults who don’t sleep well are more likely to suffer from headaches, depression, attention and memory problems, excessive daytime sleepiness, and experience more nighttime falls. Insufficient sleep can also lead to serious health problems, including an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, weight problems, and breast cancer in women. We have touched on some of the common causes of poor sleep in older adults and this w

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