Medicare Part B Part 2

Medicare Part B helps cover medically necessary services and supplies needed for the diagnosis or treatment of your health condition. We talked about many of the services and supplies Medicare Part B covers, but it’s also important to consider the costs along with knowing Part B is an optional service. You’ll pay both a monthly premium and a yearly deductible for Medicare Part B. The monthly premium amount may vary depending on your specific situation. You’ll generally pay $134 for your Part B premium if you enroll in Part B for the first time in 2018, you aren’t receiving Social Security or Railroad Retirement Board benefits, you’re billed directly for your Part B premium (meaning it isn’t

Medicare Part B

Medicare Part B helps cover medically necessary services and supplies needed for the diagnosis or treatment of your health condition. Medicare defines medically necessary as “healthcare services or supplies needed to diagnose or treat an illness, injury, condition or disease, or its symptoms and that meet accepted standards of medicine.” This includes outpatient services received at a hospital, doctor’s office, clinic, or other health facility. Part B entitles you to an annual “Wellness” visit to your Primary Care Physician that is a qualified provider and also helps cover many preventive services to prevent illness or detect them at an early stage. Together, Medicare Part A and Part B are k

Medicare Part A Part 2

We last talked about how Medicare Part A is generally known as inpatient or hospitalization part of Medicare. We discussed services covered in the hospital, skilled nursing facility, as well as home health and hospice. Medicare does not come without some costs however. Medicare does not usually pay the full cost of your care, and you will likely be responsible for some portion of the cost-sharing (deductibles, coinsurances, copayments) for Medicare-covered services. Medicare Part A has a deductible of $1,340 per benefit period. If you are admitted into the hospital and had Original Medicare only, you would owe the first $1,340 of your stay. The deductible covers hospital services, including

Medicare Part A

In general, Medicare Part A covers hospital care, skilled nursing facility care, home health, and hospice services. On a Medicare Part A card, it will have the word "Hospital" beside it. Because of that, Medicare Part A is most commonly known as the inpatient or hospitalization part of Medicare. Inpatient care is care received after you are formally admitted into a hospital by a physician. You are covered for up to 90 days each benefit period in a general hospital, plus 60 lifetime reserve days. Medicare also covers up to 190 lifetime days in a Medicare-certified psychiatric hospital. While in the hospital, it covers many services utilized such as semi-private rooms, meals, general nursing,

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