Physical Therapy

Physical and occupational therapy can be provided in a number of settings. In-home therapy. Some individuals are able to receive physical therapy and occupational therapy at home. They generally do not live alone and have family support available 24/7. If your personal situation is not conducive to a discharge home, then a short-term care setting may be the right choice for recovery. Short-term rehabilitation. Working with your doctor, the therapy team helps identify your therapeutic needs and designs a program to achieve goals that enable a safe return home. New, high-tech rehab equipment aids in recovery. The typical short-term rehab stay is between 14-100 days and is generally covered by

Postoperative Recommendations

Physical therapy is the next step in facilitating a speedy recovery. It can begin in as little as a few hours or a few days after surgery and is essential to returning to one’s daily activities. After surgery, the body needs retraining. Licensed physical therapists help to restore range of motion and strength. Their expertise is essential in preventing a re-injury during the healing process. The physical therapist will evaluate your condition and establish goals to minimize the adverse effects of surgery (pain/swelling) and help to restore normal function to the area. The therapist then designs an exercise program tailored to the individual patient’s needs and abilities. Immediately after su

Preoperative Recommendations

If orthopedic surgery such as hip or knee joint replacement or spine surgery, is in your future, take steps to ensure better outcomes and a smooth return to normal daily activities. Ask your physician/ surgeon how you can prepare for the procedure and what to expect after surgery. If your surgeon thinks you will need rehabilitation, it’s a good idea to look around at area facilities that offer physical therapy. Your doctor’s recommendations will be customized to your health status, age, abilities, and other factors in your physical profile. What you do before surgery is important to achieving a successful surgical outcome. Physical readiness can help to reduce post-surgical swelling, wound h

Winter Tips

As the weather get colder, various winter safety risks begin to develop, both inside and outside of the home. If you’re a senior and plan to spend the winter in a colder climate, you need to be aware of winter dangers. Here’s some helpful tips that can help keep you safe and healthy during this chilly season. Prevent slippery falls Falls are very common among the elderly and even more so in the winter, as streets, walkways, and stairs can be covered with ice. Younger children and adults are often able to rebound fairly quickly after a fall-related injury, but older adults can have a difficult recovery. Head trauma, lacerations, hip and wrist fractures are common injuries post falls in the el

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