Power of Attorney

A power of attorney lets you give someone else the legal right to act for you. They will be able to act on behalf of you when you are unable to act or make decisions for yourself. The power of attorney can be a General Durable Power of Attorney or a Limited Power of Attorney. They can cover simple tasks like writing or signing checks or they can also involve more complex matters like selling land. You can limit a power of attorney to one task, like selling a car. Or, you can give your agent the power to do almost everything you can now do. Going to a lawyer is the best way to get a power of attorney that fits your needs. You can give a power of attorney to any adult. Your agent does not have

Last Will & Testament

The Alabama last will and testament is a document that a person may use to make sure loved ones are given certain real and personal property after their death. It directs the distribution of an individual’s estate upon their death. In order to be valid, the Will & Testament must be written when the person is of sound mind, must be signed by the Testator (the person making the will), be witnessed by two individuals (impartial and non-beneficiaries), and be notarized so that it cannot be contested during the estate or probate process. A will must be probated after the death of an individual. It is necessary for the transfer of real property, or other titled property in order to maintain record

Guardianship vs. Conservatorship

In Alabama, a Guardian is a person who has been appointed by the Probate Court to manage and handle the personal welfare decisions, health care decisions, and lifestyle decisions for an incapacitated person or minor. They are essentially over the “person.” They may be able to decide placement and living arrangements and end of life concerns and decisions. A person can be declared incapacitated by the Probate Court due to dementia, mental infirmities, or if they are under the age of 19. The laws of Alabama allow any qualified person to be appointed as the guardian over an adult who has been declared incapacitated. To obtain, you will need to petition to the Probate Court. You must give notice

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