4 Ways a Good Smile Improves Your Life

Many people go to the dentist not only because they want good oral health, but because having a great smile is a confidence booster and makes them likelier to smile more often. Studies have shown that people believe smilers are reliable, relaxed and sincere. Here’s a list of just a few things a good smile can do: Make you more attractive. Your smile is your best accessory. Studies reveal that people who smile are automatically viewed as more attractive, reliable, relaxed, and sincere. Seeing an attractive face can be considered a rewarding stimulus, and when a person sees a smiling face, the region of their brain that processes sensory rewards is activated significantly more than when viewin

How to Communicate with Seniors Effectively

Caring for, and having successful relationships with older adults often require unique interpersonal skills and strategies. Below are five ways to encourage and motivate older adults. 1. Encourage Few and Manageable Goals Young people and adults in their prime are frequently reminded to set and accomplish goals. Goals can be beneficial for many older adults as well. Being goal oriented can instill motivation, a sense of purpose, and pride in accomplishment. In the cases of seniors, create few and manageable goals daily, whether it be doing ten stretches, completing a small craft project, or something as simple as finishing a cup of juice. Facilitate and assist along the way. Offer encourage

Art Therapy

Art therapy can be very beneficial for older adults living with memory loss, as well as those who need to manage stress or pain. Art therapy includes the use of painting and other activities to help keep the mind sharp and promote dexterity. It is most beneficial when used in a setting that is fun, casual, and social. Art can become a cherished hobby, and each session can be an opportunity to reap the rewards of this much overlooked form of therapy. Regular, focused activities can greatly benefit those living with memory loss. Painting, sculpting and similar pursuits are a way to challenge the mind and promote cognitive abilities. Some individuals may even find that the act of being creative

Migraine and Headache Awareness Month

This month is Migraine and Headache Awareness month. We want to provide you with some important information related to headaches in the elderly. Most primary headaches in the elderly are similar to those in younger patients which include tension, migraine, and cluster; however, there may be some differences, such as late-life migraine accompaniments and hypnic headaches. Although migraines in younger people usually present with headache, migraines in older persons may initially appear with migraine accompaniments which can include visual or sensory phenomena such as transient blindness, homonymous hemianopsia (loss of vision on one side of one’s visual field), and blurring of vision; paresth

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