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Respite Care

Caregiver with loved one

Did you know…

Mitchell-Hollingsworth works with local hospice companies to offer and provide respite care so that family members or caretakers can rest, take time off, or travel.

What is Respite?

  • Respite is a short-term stay at a nursing home that allows caretakers to take a temporary break from caregiving responsibilities.

  • Respite stays can range from 1 day to 5 days and even longer in certain circumstances.

  • Respite stays allow a commitment-free way for a potential resident to check out whether the facility might be a good fit down the line.

  • Respite gives family members and caretakers peace of mind knowing nurses are at hand 24 hours a day to care for their loved one.

  • Respite stays include medication management, nutritious meals, 24-hour supervision, assistance with personal care needs such as bathing, dressing, toileting, grooming, housekeeping, and activities.

When and why might a family seek Respite?

  • When they need an occasional break from the 24-hour a day, 7 day a week responsibilities of caregiving.

  • When finding a “sitter” is out of the question because the demand for caring for a loved one is too great or too complex.

  • Respite offers the opportunity for families to rest, travel, shop during the holidays, spend time alone, attend events away from home, and many other options. The important thing to remember is that families have the ability to come back refreshed and better able to cope with complex responsibilities.

What are important things to ask regarding a Respite stay?

  • Ask your hospice social worker or call us for more information to see if your loved one is eligible through insurance.

  • Ask about the availability of specialized equipment your loved one requires. Do they need a wheelchair, oxygen, wound care supplies? We want to be prepared.

  • Ask for information regarding stays longer than 5 days if there is a need. We are able to accommodate families through many different situations.

  • Ask about the availability of a respite stay even if your loved one is not on hospice. We would be glad to provide you with more information regarding this type of stay.

The challenges of caring for a loved one are simply apart of daily life, but using respite care before you become exhausted, isolated, or overwhelmed can allow you to restore energy and relieve stress before it becomes too much to bear. We are only a phone call away.


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