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Easter eggs

Easter is right around the corner! Regardless of religious beliefs, the Easter season is a great time to reconnect with family and friends and take part in many fun Easter crafts and traditions. We know how important it is to keep our residents socializing and continuing to live the life they loved before requiring professional care, therefore we always have a variety of on-site activities planned, from games and puzzles, to stories and singing. Spring and Easter themed activities will also be included this month. While we keep our calendars full of fun activities, we want you to know we welcome you in sharing and keeping your own traditions with your loved ones.

If you don’t currently share any regular Easter traditions with your loved one, there are many things you can begin this year. A couple of ideas include:

  • Color or decorate eggs- This is a fun activity for all ages and gives you “something to do” while you spend time with one another. There are a variety of decorating kits available such a paint, markers, or stickers on hardboiled or plastic eggs.

  • Bake a treat- Speak with a resident representative about assisting in a baking activity. There are many online resources such as Pinterest or google with hundreds of ideas for easy baking. Another option is to bake cookies at home and share the time together decorating the cookies.

  • Crafts- Does your loved one have grand or great grandchildren? Get them involved in Easter crafts for the children. Let them join in on the fun of organizing and filling the Easter baskets!

  • Flowers- Our residents love to show off flowers from their loved ones! They will especially love the brand new beautiful beginning of Spring flowers!

  • Organize a gathering- If your loved one cannot leave the facility, bring the family to them. We offer dining and living areas just for family gatherings. Surprise your loved one with his or her favorite dish as well as all of the family in one room. Speak with your resident representative about reserving one of these rooms for your function.

  • Listen to stories of the past- Your loved one has lived a full life and has attained much wisdom. Give them the opportunity to just speak. You will be amazed at what you might learn. There may be funny stories you have never heard because you didn’t ask!

  • Easter basket- While you may have thought to prepare the children an Easter basket, don’t forget your loved one in the nursing home. After all, Easter is a family holiday for many, and you don’t want your loved one feeling forgotten in the rush of Easter celebrations for the children. Who doesn’t love a free basket full of food, candy, knick-knacks, and household items?

  • If you’re super crafty and able, why not assemble treat bags or baskets for your loved one’s friends as well? The more the merrier! It’s such an easy craft and the simple gesture could mean more than you might ever imagine.

  • Enjoy outside time- With Easter comes warmer temperatures and our residents love the opportunity to get out and enjoy the sunlight just like the rest of us. Enjoy the view from the patio or even under our pavilion!

We love sharing with you creative ideas for ways to spend time with your loved ones. If you ever have any unique ideas of your own that you may need assistance with, please let us know! As mentioned before, we want our residents to continue to live the life they had before needing professional care! Happy Easter to you all!



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