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This week is Nurse’s Week. It’s a very important week for our facility because of the important role nurses play here at Mitchell-Hollingsworth. Nurses are the caregivers, communicators, patient/resident advocates, and decision makers. They are the hand-holders, the calming voice, the familiar face, and the bedside best friend. To many of our residents, nurses are guardian angels.

The nursing profession can be physically exhausting and emotionally draining. It is a demanding profession filled with very little thank yous. Let’s lift our nurses up this week and thank them for the pivotal role they play in the healing process. Let’s thank them for their passion and for their compassion. Thank them for their kindness, dedication, and healing touch. Let’s show them that their profession has meaning and is truly …life changing.

Being A NURSE Means…

You will never be bored.

You will always be frustrated.

You will be surrounded by challenges,

So much to do and so little time.

You will carry immense responsibility

And very little authority.

You will step into people’s lives

And you will make a difference.

Some will bless you.

Some will curse you.

You will see people at their worst-

And at their best.

You will never cease to be amazed

At people’s capacity for

Love, courage, and endurance.

You will see life begin- and end.

You will experience resounding triumphs

And devastating failures.

You will cry a lot.

You will laugh a lot.

You will know what it is to be human-

And to be humane.

-Melodie Chenevert



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