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Celebrating Senior Dads for Father's Day

With Mother’s Day in the rearview mirror, now’s the time to start focusing on Dad! Father’s Day is the perfect day to spend quality time with one of the most important men in your life. If your father, or father figure, is living in a senior living community, there’s no reason you can’t make this a fun and memorable day for him. Depending on your dad’s mobility, check out some of these options for a wonderful day with Dad!

Bowl Him Over: One of the most overlooked pastimes may be bowling – an entertaining, easy indoor activity that all ages can participate in. Make an afternoon of it; order some pizza and soda, and bring the grandkids along. Bowling is one of those activities that you can forget how enjoyable it can be until you’re back in the alleys having a great time. Try candlepin bowling if the weight of the ball is a concern for your dad. And if Dad isn't as mobile... bring the pins to him! Most facilities have bowling pins and light weight bowling balls available so you and your family can have some fun without the stress of travel.

Peanuts & Cracker Jacks: A baseball game is a quintessential American pastime! If you don’t have easy access to a major league game, there’s nothing quite like an afternoon at a minor league ballpark or even a local ballpark of teenager travel ball teams. It's especially fun if one of the grandkids happen to be playing!

Gone Fishing: There’s nothing more soothing and satisfying than an afternoon of fishing. No need to rent or charter a boat, a day on the docks or by the river or lake will do the trick! The quiet time is the perfect setting to have a chat with your dad about what’s going on in his life or to reminisce about the past. Bring your kids along for the day for a tremendous opportunity for bonding and forever memories.

The Missing Links: If your dad is a golfer, a day on the links is a wonderful way to spend some quiet time together with a little friendly competition and some good exercise as well. If 18 holes is too much, try doing just nine and grabbing a little lunch at the clubhouse afterward. Another great option is a putt-putt or miniature golf instead. It’s a fun, faster game and you still get quality time with your dad for less money!

Bottoms Up: One of the most popular activities these days, for young and old alike, is an afternoon or evening at a local brewery. Local breweries are popping up everywhere and make for a fun outing for the dad who enjoys a pint or two!

Night (or Day) At The Museum: Whether Dad is into art, photography, history, or sports, a healthy walk around an air-conditioned museum is truly quality time together. Most towns and cities have some type of museum or tourist attraction. Ask Dad what would most interest him and spend a day at the museum.

The Reel Deal: Who doesn’t love getting lost in a favorite old movie? If Dad is a movie buff, a casual fan, or just has limited mobility, watching a classic movie or two is a great way to enjoy some time together. Get into the spirit and set up a comfy chair, pop some popcorn, serve Dad his favorite beverage, and darken the room for more of the theater experience. Share your favorite lines from long-ago flicks and spend a memorable afternoon or evening in Dad’s company.

Stay Connected: Internet use for seniors is growing by leaps and bounds and is a fantastic way for seniors to stay connected with their friends and family. When seniors are trained in the use of social media and email, they perform better cognitively, and experience improved overall health. Many seniors use social media and technology to bridge the geographic gap between them and their loved ones, reducing isolation and loneliness. Help your dad set up a smartphone or tablet to enjoy using Facebook or Instagram or send emails.

Father’s Day is a time to show your dad the love and respect you have for him and all that he has done for you throughout your life. If your dad happens to be in a senior living facility or nursing home, there’s no reason why he can’t enjoy doing some of these activities with a little improvising depending on mental or physical limitations. Let your dad, or father figure, know how much he’s appreciated!


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