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Memory Care in Florence, AL

Dementia is difficult for those suffering from it and for their families. Worldwide, it’s estimated that about 50 million people struggle with symptoms. A pervasive misunderstanding of how dementia affects the person’s behavior can sometimes make it difficult for loved ones to seek out specialty care when it’s needed the most.

For trustworthy nursing home care homes in Florence AL, you can depend on our patient care at Mitchell Hollingsworth. Our in-depth knowledge of dementia-causing disorders and diseases allows us to provide the most personalized care.

What Is Dementia?

Dementia is a disruptive set of symptoms that can negatively impact a person’s daily life. Some of the most common signs include the following afflictions:


• Memory loss

• Inability to communicate

• Forgetfulness

• Irritability

• Trouble with mobility

• Lack of awareness



These symptoms can vary in severity, depending on how long they’ve been present. Early signs are often minor and advance to more serious states of disability. As illnesses progress, it can become a struggle for family members to manage the symptoms. It’s at this point that residence in a dementia care center becomes the most appropriate option.

What Causes Dementia?

Since dementia can have many different causes, it can sometimes be a mystery where the source of the behavior is coming from. Knowing the cause can help care providers adapt treatment methods and symptom management to better serve the person suffering.


Some of the most common causes include Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, or other traumatic brain injuries. Alzheimer’s is the most common, with nearly 6 million cases in the United States alone.

There are also fewer chronic causes, such as malnutrition or hormone imbalances. Dementia is a broad problem, and because memory loss and confusion are prevalent symptoms, it can be difficult for a patient to explain what they’re feeling.

Can It Be Treated?

When there are temporary issues causing dementia, these symptoms can usually be alleviated by removing the cause. For example, if an adverse reaction from medication is manifesting in short-term memory loss, an adjustment to a prescription can resolve it. Chronic conditions like Alzheimer’s are not curable, but they can be managed with the right care and treatment. Certain drugs can improve neurological function, and daily exercises can help a patient retain memories for a more extended period.

Mitchell Hollingsworth Nursing & Rehab takes the time to understand you or your loved one’s specific case of dementia. Our memory loss care center in Florence, AL has a caring staff that wants to see each patient experiencing a better quality of life. Contact us today to ask how we can help.

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