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Mitchell-Hollingworth Testimonial Mr. White
Mr. White

Mr. White is no stranger to rehabilitation. When he found out he would be having surgery on his legs after weeks of severe pain, he knew The Summit Rehab at Mitchell-Hollingsworth was where he would return for his therapy.

His first stint in rehab was after his heart bypass surgery. Mr. White stated, "They helped me then, so I knew they could do it again. This is the best group of nurses and physical therapists in the area. Last time, I had Gina as a therapist. She came to my room to assist me in getting out of bed to go to the rehab gym. When I saw how tiny she was I thought I was going to wind up in the floor. She assured me that her and I would work together and I would get in that wheelchair safely. She was right. From then on, I have called her "MIGHTY MOUSE". You couldn't pull us apart after that. She's one of the sweetest that has ever come into my life. Lori came along this time with Gina and I definitely can't leave her out. She has been so so good to me. Not to leave the nurses and CNA's out either. You better believe it. They have really helped me.

I was close to losing my legs. I couldn't even move them after surgery. They were constantly there for me. I am now walking with my walker and continually practicing all my exercises and using the tips they gave me. I wouldn't take anything for Mitchell-Hollingsworth. They work as a team. You can't do better than them. I told people at the hospital to go to Mitchell-Hollingsworth and try it for at least a week. This is my 2nd rodeo and if it happened all over again, I'd come back again!"

Thanks Mr. White for your kind words! We are so proud of you and your hard work at rehab!

Mitchell-Hollingworth Testimonial Mrs. Hargett
Mrs. Nena Hargett 

Mrs. Nena Hargett was admitted to The Summit Rehab at Mitchell-Hollingsworth following a total knee replacement.


Mrs. Hargett shared, "I had always heard Mitchell-Hollingsworth had a great rehabilitation program. I even chose them once before for my other knee surgery a year ago. They work so well with you. They give such compassionate care. Chris and Monica have been so encouraging. They push you to keep trying, to not give up, to do one more exercise. There's a lot of work you have to do to improve strength and motion and be able to get back home and back to daily life. They don't just help you in the moment, but they also continually give you tips and tricks to use at home such as how to sit, move, what to do with the knee, and how to get around. I am so happy at how well I've done. I highly recommend Mitchell-Hollingsworth for their wonderful therapists, nurses, and staff. I have to say I am 100% satisfied!"

Mitchell-Hollingworth Testimonial Mrs. Thompson
Ms. Betty Thompson

When Ms. Betty Thompson came to Mitchell-Hollingsworth in October for rehabilitation, she had just experienced a leg amputation surgery. She did not know how she would be able to transfer and get around at home much less the emotional toll it was already having on her. She had experienced rehabilitation at Mitchell-Hollingsworth as well as other locations in the past for different reasons, but she knew where she wanted to return. 


Ms. Thompson shared, "They told me at the hospital to make 3 choices for rehab in case my first choice was full. I told them I didn't have a 2nd or 3rd choice and that I would rather lay in the hall at Mitchell-Hollingsworth and wait on a room than go anywhere else. My trust lies at Mitchell-Hollingsworth!" 


Fast forward three months later, and Ms. Thompson can be seen transferring in and out of her wheelchair by herself, walking with assistance, and dressing and grooming herself. "I knew this would be a long stressful process, but I knew I would have the best support staff and therapy team around. All of the therapists push you and encourage you to do your best. They want you to get the most out of therapy and they set a plan that works just for you. 


"I can't say enough good things about Mitchell-Hollingsworth. The food is good and the employees become family. They make an effort to remember things you like and don't like. I would encourage anyone to choose them if they are given the option. I wanted to just cry and be upset over what had happened to me, but they went above and beyond nursing care and have helped me not to feel embarrassed. Confidence is what they have given me. Self-esteem. 


"I have become the woman people are drawn to be around because I am happy and I have never been that person until now and I love it. I just can't say anything but thank you. Thank you to everyone. Miss Annie is great. You can't do without Miss Annie. As far as the nurses, therapists, and all staff, they have become such good friends of mine that it is hard for me to leave. They are all so special to me. 

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