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Indoor Winter Activities for Seniors

Senior citizens and the cold winter season often do not get along very well. The cold weather is very hard on our seniors as their immune systems aren’t as strong and they tend to get sick more easily than the younger population. Due to this, most prefer and are advised to stay indoors more. There’s only so much watching TV and reading books that one can do, so what are some other indoor winter activities that can keep our seniors warm and are also enjoyable and beneficial?

  1. Playing Bingo- Bingo is a great game that encourages mental stimulation and social interaction. It is a great way to make new friends. This game can be played at home with family or also in local senior centers. Assisted livings and nursing homes also loves to have volunteers who are willing to come and call the bingo which can also be a lot of fun and gives an opportunity to giving back to the community. Although bingo normally involves some money or prizes, it can also be played for the fun of it or for bragging rights. Plus, there are different types of the game so that each round can seem unique. Many play a few games of regular bingo and then try out different versions such as 4 corners, picture frame, postage stamps, and cover card.

  2. Using workout equipment- Treadmills and stationary bikes are actually good friends of senior citizens while they remain indoors. Walking on a treadmill daily is just like walking outside except that there are no worries about tripping or falling down the snowy path. Seniors who enjoy biking leisurely can still do what they usually do by using the stationary bike. It is just as beneficial to the body as riding outdoors and can be done while multitasking other tasks such as knitting, crocheting, watching television, or chit-chatting with family. Additionally, they are much safer especially during the harsh winter seasons. Using these machines can definitely keep seniors fit and healthy even while staying inside.

  3. Bowling-Bowling is a classic social activity that almost everyone enjoys. It is a fun, competitive sport and is one of the best ways to meet new people. Even those who do not like games will surely be interested in playing bowling with other seniors. Aside from being enjoyable, bowling offers great benefits physically. It helps the player get into shape especially when done regularly. It also tones the muscle and even works as a strength exercise.

  4. Video or Computer Games-Although seniors are not generally seen as techy people, they can truly benefit from video or computer games. There are now a wide variety of games to be played such as those that provide a combination of exercise and gaming. They are fun and boost fitness in adults and keep them mentally active. There are boxing, tennis, golf, workout, and even dance games. They are an excellent way to keep being active instead of sleeping all day. It is important though that the senior or the caretaker or nurse knows the limits of the senior since some of the games can be too demanding for their age as sometimes learning about things that are online or computer based can frustrate both the caregiver and the senior.

  5. Take a Class- Cooking, sewing, and other kinds of classes can make the senior busy and happy during the cold months. Enrolling in a class is a brilliant method to meet new people or gain new friends. In addition, this can become a fun new hobby and improves memory, keeps their minds sharp and even boosts their self-confidence. Learning anything is the best way to have a healthy mind and body.

These activities are just a few fun examples of things you can encourage your senior loved ones to do. However, before starting any new activity, make sure to consult with the doctor first to avoid health risks.




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