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Christmas Tree Competition

This year for Christmas, we wanted to create a fun way for our local hospices who are very involved with many of our residents be apart of our Christmas celebrations. To make things even more fun, we decided to add a little competition to the mix. Each hospice organization chose a section of the facility and decorated a Christmas tree for our residents to enjoy. We then appointed an impartial judge to choose and announce the winner of the Christmas tree decoration event! Our residents had so much fun watching and giving their opinions about the Christmas tree decorations! Some even joined in on the fun of decorating. They had the opportunity to go to each station of the facility and compare and give their opinions on who they thought the winner should be. Our winner was announced at our Open House celebration last Thursday and was …… Hospice of North Alabama! We want to thank everyone who participated and blessed our residents with their love and beautifully decorated trees that all can enjoy this Christmas. We have such a great close-knit healthcare community and we are thankful for those who continuously show love and support to our residents! We hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and feel free to come and view our beautiful trees!



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