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Duties that Caregivers Perform Daily

Most seniors or persons with disability want to stay in their homes as long as possible. Ninety percent (90%) of seniors and disabled want to “age in place” as they grow older. Eighty percent of seniors believe they will stay in their home for as long as they live. Many will not be able to do so without the help of family and professional caregivers to perform daily duties that will enable them to remain in their home.

“Aging in place” becomes challenging if a person is starting to experience challenges in performing “activities of daily living” (ADLs) independently. In order to “age in place” the senior or person with a disability will probably need the help of family caregivers, will need to contract for services to assist them and will need to make physical modifications in their home.

Here are 6 recognized activities of daily living that one would need to perform independently to remain at home with no assistance or help:

  • Bathing and Grooming

  • Dressing and Undressing

  • Meal Preparation and Feeding

  • Safe Restroom Use and Maintaining Continence

  • Mobility and Ambulation

  • Memory Care and Stimulation

There are many services and physical modifications available today to assist seniors and those with disabilities in “aging in place”.

Here are a few duties that family and professional caregivers perform daily to achieve the goal: Bathing and Grooming:

  1. To provide hands-on assistance with bathing

  2. To arrange for the installation of safety bars in the bath and shower

  3. To purchase and arrange for the installation an appropriate a shower chair

  4. To arrange for in-home grooming and professional hair or nail care

Dressing and Undressing:

  1. To provide hands-on assistance with dressing and undressing

  2. To purchase clothing items that are easy to put on and take off (pants without zippers and buttons/with elastic, etc., …)

  3. To research and purchase devices that make it easier to unbutton and button clothing, etc.

Meal Preparation and Feeding:

  1. To prepare meals and bring them by the home of senior or disabled person

  2. To cut food and feed the senior or disable person from plate to mouth

  3. To hire or contract with a professional meal delivery service for several meals per week

Safe Bathroom Use and Maintaining Continence:

  1. To provide hands-on “stand-by assist” in the bathroom

  2. To arrange for the installation of a toilet seat lift to make it easier to sit and stand from the toilet

  3. To arrange for the installation of a safety bar next to the toilet if support is required to sit or stand

  4. To purchase or arrange for the delivery of Depends or other adult incontinence protection supplies

Mobility and Ambulation Issues:

  1. To assist with safe hands-on transfers on a daily basis

  2. To provide hands-on assistance with range of motion exercises

  3. To arrange for the installation of safety bars where appropriate throughout the home

  4. To purchase appropriate walking assistive devices are available

  5. To schedule physical therapy for improving strength

Memory Care and Stimulation:

  1. To consult, research, and learn about memory issues and disease(s) and care

  2. To contract with and hire a memory care consultant to assist with care and the selection of appropriate services

  3. To arrange and hire a professional in-home caregiver trained in memory care issues to provide additional support, assistance and memory stimulation

  4. To arrange and hire a consultant to access and address possible safety issues in the home for someone with memory issues

  5. To research, select, and sign up for monitoring services for seniors and those with memory care issues

Six Final Duties that Those in Need Cannot “Age In Place” Without:

  1. Provide advocacy

  2. Provide care coordination and management

  3. Provide help with housecleaning chores and laundry

  4. Providing verbal encouragement

  5. Providing a reassuring presence

  6. Providing love and support

If this becomes too much to handle for family and caregivers, just know that we are always here to help. Mitchell Hollingsworth is a skilled nursing facility that offers 24 hours a day around the clock care by certified nursing staff and certified nursing assistants. We have an in-house nurse practitioner along with four medical physicians. We are only a phone call away. 256-740-5400.




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