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Making Living Spaces Safer for Seniors with Dementia

One of the most common symptoms of dementia is increasing confusion which can increase the risk of accidents, falls, and other unwanted incidents. Because of this, many seniors opt to age in facilities that offer memory care services and assistance with daily living activities.

For seniors with dementia aging at home with their families, here are a few things they can do to make living spaces safer:

  • Clearly Mark Doors and Windows Seniors with dementia can experience memory problems, resulting in stress, confusion, and anxiety at home. Clearly marking doors and windows with a sign will help prevent them from bumping into them or accidentally getting lost outside.

  • Lock Away Potentially Dangerous Tools or Appliances Loss of focus and confusion are among the most common symptoms of dementia; losing focus while operating kitchen appliances or tools can lead to potential injury or accident. Lock away potentially dangerous tools and appliances to avoid unwanted incidents.

  • Maintain a Peaceful and Clean Environment Loud noise and poor housekeeping can aggravate seniors with dementia, increasing stress, anxiety, and anger levels. Maintaining a peaceful, quiet, and clean-living environment can help seniors remain calm, reducing the risk of unwanted incidents caused by stress, confusion, anxiety, and anger.

For families in need of assistance, consider taking advantage of our memory care unit at Mitchell Hollingsworth. Call us at 256-740-5400 for more information.




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