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Your Guide to Retirement Downsizing in 10 Steps

Downsizing might sound like a fancy term for moving somewhere new. But there’s more to it than packing up and moving out, including decluttering and deciding what’s worth keeping (and hauling to your new home). Here’s your guide to downsizing in ten steps.

Think Ahead

If you’re downsizing, that likely means you have a new home or community in mind for your retirement. Whether it’s senior living or a cozier home or apartment, you have options.

● Explore retirement destinations if a bigger move is in order.

● Decide whether to sell your home or determine another financial arrangement.

● If you need specialized community support, explore senior living to suit your lifestyle.

Know Your Space

Bringing too many belongings just means living out of boxes longer. Knowing your new space means you can bring what you need and get rid of the rest. Start feeling lighter right now by taking these first steps.

● Think about what size home is ideal for retirement; more space means more stuff (again).

● Approach decluttering with an open mind and eye to the future.

● Skip paying for a storage unit if things don’t fit in your new place.

● Add modifications so you can age in place in your new spot in safety.

Sever Emotional Ties

Many people feel attached to stuff. The problem is, stuff only adds stress, mess, and expense to your life. Learning to let go emotionally can help you strategize for a smoother move.

● Resist sentimentality by being critical about your belongings – even the things you love.

● Settle on a strategy for saying goodbye to ‘stuff’ while packing up.

● Avoid buying more things during or after your move and try to make do for less clutter.

Moving can be stressful, no matter whether it’s across town or to your ideal retirement destination. But with these ten steps, you’ll have an easier time packing up and moving out. Then, it’s time to start enjoying your retirement years in comfort.

Photo via Unsplash

If your plan is to downsize to a long-term care community, Mitchell Hollingsworth Nursing & Rehab is here for you. Our main priority is to ensure our residents are treated with care, love and dignity. For more information or to schedule a tour, call 256-740-5400.




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