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ONE Hundred

Today is our monthly Welcome/ Birthday party!! In honor of our birthdays, I wanted to share this little poem.

I don’t know what it’s like to be one hundred Life’s challenging at only thirty-three But if I ever live to be one hundred I hope my friends will still remember me.

How’d you ever get to be one hundred? I sometimes ask our friends with us today “We never drank or smoked,” they say so proudly “And ne’er to God did we forget to pray.”

Did you ever think you’d really be one hundred And are you glad you’ve made it all this way? “My wife’s one hundred too,” said one good man, “My love for her grows stronger every day.”

Things get clearer once you turn one hundred The wisdom starts to overtake your head The things you know, the things you’ve done The love that you have spread!

I still don’t know the feeling of one hundred It’s something only those who’ve been there know But if I ever live to see one hundred I’ll cherish every day until I go.

One Hundred by Matt Maupin, HFA



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