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Christmas Gifts for the Nursing Home

With Christmas on our heels, many in our community are already in the gift giving spirit! The best gift a person can receive in the nursing home is the gift of someone spending quality time with them. As we age, we begin to realize how little material things in life mean and we truly cherish our relationships with family and friends. However, if you are not able to spend time with someone in the nursing home or don’t feel comfortable doing so, there are other small ways to give to them and make Christmas memorable for them as well. Here are a couple great ideas for small presents that you, your school, business, or employer could do or create to spread some holiday cheer to our local nursing homes.

painted socks
  1. Buy socks and decorate them.

The paint also creates grippers on the bottom of the sock to decrease falls.

  1. Cupcake Socks! Another fun fuzzy sock gift idea!

cupcake socks
  1. Great storage for their walkers. This could easily be done with only a few stitches.

storage on a walker that can hold books, tissues, snacks, and glasses

  1. Cute little reindeer! (Soap wrapped in washcloths decorated as reindeer)

soap wrapped in washcloths that look like a reindeer

  1. Candy Bar Snowman!

candy bar snowman

  1. Eye Glass holder! This one is another that could easily be made with only a few stitches.

eye glass holder with colorful flowers

  1. A great lunch apron to keep their clothes nice and clean from drips and spills.

apron for meals that can be colorful and stylish

  1. Alzheimer’s Fidget Lap Blanket can relax and calm nerves.

Alzheimer's fidget lap blanket with textures, buckles and zippers

  1. Tissue holders!

tissue holders with fun designs

  1. Picture box/ tissue holder! A 2-in-1 gift!

tissue box with pictures and designs on each side

  1. Christmas sock wreath for their door.

sock wreath

  1. Shawl/wrap for chilly days!

shawl that is colorful and warm

  1. Blanket Huggy! (Or any kind of blanket!)

huggy blanket where hands can slip inside a pocket

A few other great gifts are books, puzzles, crossword puzzle books, board games, dominos, cards, adult coloring books, audio books, greeting cards, address book, stationary, envelopes, stamps, quality pens, calendar, knitting and crochet material, drawing utensils, bags of candy, combs, brushes, lotion, lip balm, soap, deodorant, tissues, framed photos, bathrobe, nightgown, slippers, stuffed animals, silk flowers, plants, and children’s art projects. If you would like to donate your time, please visit our website for more information or call and speak to our Activities Director. Volunteering can be as much as you want it to be. The residents appreciate a new smiling face any day of the week. Visit or call 256-740-5400. Merry Christmas!



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