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The Underwood Pavilion

What a wonderful night this was!

On Monday, June 12, 2017, Mitchell-Hollingsworth Nursing & Rehabilitation Center officially dedicated our Pavilion to the most deserving, loving, caring, selfless individuals, Jim & Precy Underwood. We are happy to know that every time we drive up to our facility, we can see The Underwood Pavilion and know that it has true meaning forever and always.

One amazing day Jim a navy guy met, Precy an Island girl Love was in the air, sparks began to fly And soon Precy bid her home goodbye Exploring the adventure As husband and wife They came to America to start their new life Special talents they were given by God up above To spread joy, laughter, and love Separate or together, life's blessings they share True southern hospitality Leaves none to compare The path they travel filled with unselfish deeds Making people smile and helping those in need As we see their acts of love and kindness Each and every day Let's follow their example in all we do and say.



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