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Valentine's Day for Seniors

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that everyone, at any age, can enjoy. It’s a chance for couples old and new to add a little more romance to their relationship, a chance to create lasting memories with friends and family, and an opportunity for senior couples that have spent their lives together to celebrate their ongoing commitment to each other. Coming up with new ideas after spending many Valentine’s together might be quite challenging or maybe you just want something fun and creative to do. Here are a few ideas we have come up with …

  1. Create a festive environment. Putting up decorations makes the holiday more festive and special. Make HEARTS! Make hearts out of colored paper and hang them all around. Cut them out of tissue paper and tape to the window for a stained glass effect. Cut strips of different colored paper and make interlocking rings that are pasted or stapled together and hang up. Decorating your senior’s living space definitely makes the holiday feel more special.

  2. Get creative with card-making. Home-made cards are always the most special. Write a meaningful message inside and make it full of love. You can spend time making home-made cards for other family members too. It’s a great way for seniors to channel their creative side as well as enjoy the time chatting and catching up during the activity.

  3. Valentine themed coloring pages. Coloring is a wonderful way to relax, be creative, and enjoy time together.

  4. Make homemade treats. Valentine’s Day and treats go hand in hand. Celebrate by making cookies, easy desserts, or savory snacks together. Some cute ideas are fruit kabobs, brownies, cakes, heart cookies, heart shaped grilled cheeses, or a cookie bouquet. It is an easy, fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and make something delicious at the same time.

  5. Watch a romantic movie or romantic comedy. Movies are more fun together. Grab some snacks, cuddle up, and enjoy being together.

  6. Recreate your first date. It would be nice to remember how it felt when you first began to fall in love with each other. Bring the same type of flowers, wear a similar dress or go to a restaurant that has the same atmosphere. With just a little effort, you can bring a smile to your partner’s face by reminding him or her of your first romantic night together.

  7. Commemorate your life together. Make a photo album or scrapbook that celebrates your many wonderful and romantic years together. Be sure to include special dates, greeting cards you have exchanged over the years and small souvenirs that will remind you of romantic trips or important days you spent together.

  8. Celebrate being seniors. Celebrate being together and being seniors by spending an entire day taking advantage of senior discounts in your area. Eat out, go to the movies, go bowling and shop for tokens of your affection in shops and places that offer senior discounts.

  9. Spend time together. Above everything else, your loved one doesn’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day alone and who better to celebrate with than their own family members? Take some time out of your day, whether this means a meal together or spending the entire day together. Do something to create new memories with them while reminiscing about old ones.

Putting in a bit of time and effort will go a long way to bringing your senior loved one joy and showing your love for them this Valentine’s Day. It’s a day for all types of love, not just reserved for lovers. Spend time with those you love and whatever activity you choose, we hope you enjoy your time together!




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