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How To Find the Best Nursing Home

When it is time for your loved one to leave their home and go to a local nursing home, you may have many questions about how to choose the one that is an ideal fit. Nursing home facilities vary from place to place, and you may be filled with questions to ask nursing homes in your search to find the place that seems best. Here is some information to help you get started.

What Is a Nursing Home?

When it comes to senior living, many different options may seem similar but also have important distinctions. These choices include 55-and-over communities, assisted living facilities, and nursing homes. The goal of all is to provide a safe, secure place for a senior to live, but individual placement depends upon the condition of that person’s mental and physical health.

Nursing home facilities provide not only a safe place to live but also a certain level of support and assistance that goes beyond what an assisted living community can offer. Some residents may merely need a network of peers to be around and staff to provide hot meals for them while making sure they are taking their daily medication.

Others might require support that includes health care and rehabilitation services like occupational, physical, or speech therapy. With round-the-clock care, healthy meals, and a variety of medical services, the best nursing homes service all of their residents’ needs in one place.

How Do You Choose a Nursing Home?

The best nursing homes are patient while guiding you through this challenging process. You should go to an appointment prepared with a list of questions to ask the nursing home because that helps you eventually decide whether this is the right fit for your loved one.

While the specific needs of your family members are the most important consideration, some things you should contemplate include:

  • Cost of the facility

  • Services available

  • Proximity to your home

  • Medicare / Medicaid certification

  • Staffing qualifications

  • Violations received

What Are Your Loved One’s Needs?

It is vital when choosing a facility to pick one that corresponds with the level of care that is appropriate. For example, if your family member has dementia or Alzheimer’s, it is vital that the home specializes in the care of such patients. If your loved one has been experiencing preliminary memory loss, you should think ahead and find a facility where patients are able to transition from regular care to a memory loss unit.

Some seniors want to live in a community where they share a religious background with other residents. Others may be more concerned with what social or intellectual activities are provided to keep them engaged and happy. You may also want a facility that has private space, so when your group visits, you can enjoy some good family time alone.

Sometimes, a loved one is doing just fine in their own home, with you checking in every day or two. However, you might be going out of town for a long weekend and do not wish to leave them alone during that time. Certain nursing homes provide respite care, whereby your family member can stay there for a short-term period while you are away. This gives your relative the opportunity to socialize with other seniors and be well-cared-for so you can enjoy your vacation without worry.

Visit Mitchell Hollingsworth Nursing and Rehab Today

There comes a time when your loved one cannot live alone anymore, and the safest place for him or she to be is in a nursing home where proper, comforting care can be administered. If you are looking for the best local nursing home, be sure to contact Mitchell Hollingsworth Nursing and Rehab today. Our kind, professional staff is here to give you a tour of our beautiful facility and discuss the admissions procedure.

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