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8 Reasons to Embrace Getting It Wrong

No one wants to get anything wrong, EVER. But, this is not realistic; we all get things wrong. Here are 8 reasons to embrace getting it wrong; ways that getting it wrong will make your life immensely better.

1. Getting it wrong is a part of life. Have you ever gotten a speeding ticket or a ticket for some other minor infraction and it cost you some dollars? Have you dropped a glass or plate and broken it: That is getting it wrong.

2. We get things wrong every day, mostly little things. That snack you ate when trying to diet; having one or two more drinks than you should have at a reception; snapping at your significant other, your kids, or someone else you care about; forgetting to do something, send something, say something.

3. Sometimes we end up getting things wrong when we thought we were getting it right. We say or do something that was well intentioned but the results turn out wrong. Sometimes we accidentally really say or do the wrong things, other times we say the right thing but it is misinterpreted.

4. We learn more from getting something wrong than when we get something right. This may be the biggest reason to actually embrace getting it wrong. That being said, the biggest tragedy is when we do something, get it wrong, then do the same thing over and over again without learning anything. And yes from time to time, we all do this!

5.Giving yourself permission to get things wrong is a special and unique kind of freedom. It is a way of giving yourself permission to try new things, pursue a new career; try a new way of leading; go someplace new.

If you’re not a physical person, try something physical. If you are physical more than academic (are those opposites) try something more academic. Read a book that is not something you would normally read. Try a podcast you would not normally listen to. Take a class or go to a conference that is outside your comfort zone.

6. Some of the things you think you will get wrong will turn out to be right things. They will make you more successful, they will make you happier.

7. If you are willing to embrace the idea that getting it wrong makes sense you will find great joy in trying things you have never tried before.

8.It will give you more grace toward others when they get things wrong.




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