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Love in Our Later Years

You may remember the knee-weakening excitement of a crush, or the rush of joyful anticipation at opening a letter from a first love. Young love, puppy love… whatever you call it, we tend to think only the youngest people are spoiled by love, crushes, and infatuation. But maybe not… We’ve found that love is alive and well within the senior population.

When couples enter senior living together, they are simply entering a new chapter of their lives – together. Their bonds and boundaries are honored, respected, and revered. But many of the residents join as singles, and they too can find love and companionship.

According to a recent study, for those aged 65+, approximately 49% of women and 21% of men are single, which leaves lots of opportunity for budding love in our later years. And not only is finding love possible, it can be good for your brain and your body!

A Healthy Dose of Anticipation It’s true. Just feeling anticipation for a date or social gathering can release your body’s mood-boosting dopamine. When you take the time to get ready and put your best foot forward, you often feel more confident and composed.

Long Live Love It has been well studied and documented that loving relationships can help us live longer. In addition to living an active lifestyle with exercise and healthy eating, people with strong and supportive relationships tend to live significantly longer than those who do not.

Where to Meet People Is it as easy as it sounds? It can be! These days there are multiple online sites and apps that are specifically designed for mature adults. Even more helpful may be senior community events, gatherings, and outings. When the activities are planned for you and all you need to do is show up, you can relax and enjoy meeting new people. Engagement programs can help you find new friends with common interests and enjoy good times together. Plus, there’s safety in numbers if a one-on-one date feels out of your comfort zone.

Ready for even better news? The same brain-and-body benefits and tips apply for ANY kind of loving relationship. It doesn’t have to be romantic love to boost endorphins and health benefits. Strong, supportive friendships are just as beneficial, and can truly last a lifetime.




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