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What is the Purpose of a Rehabilitation Center?

Everyone needs a little help from time to time, and sometimes more than a little. When an unexpected illness, accident or issues from aging finds you or a family member needing specialized care, a rehabilitation center can be the answer. Whether short term or long term, having a staff dedicated to personalizing a plan based on the patient's individual needs can speed healing, manage pain, and allow patients to return to independent living safely.

Rehab centers offer patients treatment from many skilled therapists according to the injury or condition while providing a safe space to stay as they recover. Speech therapy, physical therapy, and occupational therapy are all offered at our therapy center in Florence. A patient may require one or more therapies during their treatment. At the Summit Rehab, the experienced therapists design a plan for their patients to help them gain strength and confidence while learning skills to get them through their everyday lives.

Conditions Treated

The conditions that may require the need for rehabilitation are as varied as the patients themselves. Injuries from sports, work or auto accidents can cause orthopedic, head or spinal cord injuries, and post-concussion syndrome. Strokes can come on suddenly and do damage that leaves the patient in need of treatment for balance issues, speech impairments and weakness. Conditions such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, and cancer can limit mobility and lead to instability that can be improved with physical and occupational therapies.

Patients that have undergone surgery or those that suffer from wounds that are slow to heal may need skilled nursing care for a while to assist with wound care as they recover. Short-term rehab may allow them to get the rest, medication, and proper nutrition they need that may not be possible at home. Pain management for chronic and acute pain can be life-changing for patients and may be possible with both short and long term stays.

Neurological conditions and cognitive impairment can also benefit from rehab. Multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, dementia, and Alzheimer's disease can all be treated with a combination of therapies. Pediatric and developmental disorders may also be managed and treated with the proper rehabilitation protocol.

Types of Therapies

At the rehab center in Florence, the experienced therapists represent multiple therapy disciplines. Some patients may need only physical therapy. Others may require a combination of each:

● Physical Therapy

● Occupational Therapy

● Speech Therapy

Physical therapy covers a broad range of rehab. Physical therapists use exercise, education and hands-on treatment to manage the condition and prevent further injury. It may include gait training, balance training, or instruction on how to use move with a prosthesis. Pain management for spine and joints and therapeutic exercises are frequently used with arthritis patients.

Occupational therapy teaches patients how to adapt daily activities to fit with their limitations. This could include eating, bathing, dressing, or doing housework without assistance. It could also help with work-related tasks. The patient may also learn how to use devices or tools to help them with their daily routines.

Speech therapy may be needed after a brain injury, stroke or nervous system disorder. A speech therapist can also retrain patients who have difficulty swallowing. For those with cognitive disorders, speech therapy can be beneficial to learn memory enhancement techniques and reasoning skills.

Contact Us Today!

The Summit at Mitchell Hollingsworth Nursing and Rehab is the premier rehabilitation center in Florence. Their caring staff, skilled nurses and dedicated therapists are committed to making you and your family feel comfortable and informed. They have both short and long-term rehabilitation plans based on your specific needs. Contact them today for more information on how their rehabilitation facilities can help you or your loved one get back to living productively.




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