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Vacation Time for Everyone

Birthdays, holidays, graduations, reunions, quick trips! We completely understand that from time to time residents may wish to be away from the facility overnight. We don’t want them to miss out on important family gatherings and events that mean something special to them. We want them to be able to share in those big celebrations and special memories! In this case, this is called therapeutic leave and it is for residents of the nursing home only, not rehab short-term care patients. We do, however, have to use caution to ensure Medicaid eligibility is uninterrupted so that our residents do not lose their coverage. We also will provide you with bed-hold information before the leave takes place. While states may vary on their Medicaid rules and regulations, here are some rules that we like to follow.

  1. You may take up to 6 periods of leave each year.

  2. One period of leave is any overnight stay outside the Facility which lasts no more than 72 hours (but which may be less than 72 hours).

  3. No more than two of these periods of leave may occur in any single calendar quarter.

  4. There must be at least a one-day break between two periods of leave.

  5. The facility must ensure that each therapeutically indicated period of leave by a resident to home, relative, or friends is authorized and certified by a physician.

  6. The facility must provide written notice to the resident and a family member or legal representative specifying the Medicaid policy upon a resident taking therapeutic leave.

For more information, please contact your resident rep and he/she will provide you with the information you are seeking or visit


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