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Supper Club

Supper Club is this week!! Thursday the 18th to be exact. What is Supper Club you ask? Why do I need to be there? What is it all about? Glad you asked!

Supper Club is all about friends, family, residents, and employees gathering together for food, fun, and fellowship. It’s none other than a delicious at-home get-together that allows everyone to spend time with one another and engage in conversation. It’s just a fun reason to have a PARTY! Supper Club is important to us at Mitchell-Hollingsworth because it is a time where we put everything aside and we make that time for our friends. We long for our residents and employees to build deeper connections with one another and it is a commitment that we have regularly kept. Supper Club also comes with a fun theme! Our last Supper Club had a little taste of Italy! Families and friends of residents at Mitchell-Hollingsworth are invited! Instead of everyone bringing a dish as you might have at other Supper Clubs, all we ask is that you come as you are. Sit back, relax, and we’ll do the rest! Don’t forget to let us know if you are coming so that we can plan accordingly. Your loved ones will appreciate your presence and truly enjoy showing you off!



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