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Common Myths of Hospice Part 2

1. Myth- Hospice is for people who can accept death.

While those affected by terminal illness struggle to come to terms with death, hospices will gently help them find their way at their own speed. They welcome inquiries from families who are unsure about their needs and preferences. Hospices are available to discuss all options and to facilitate family decisions.

2. Myth- Hospice patients require a “Do Not Resuscitate” status prior to admission.

Hospices acknowledge and respect the end of life choices of patients and families. Patients and their caregivers are provided with information and counseling so they can make informed decisions regarding end of life issues.

3. Myth- Hospice patients cannot live longer than 6 months.

Once an individual becomes a hospice patient, he or she continues to receive hospice services for as long as they remain appropriate, as certified by their doctor and they elect to remain in hospice regardless of the length of time.

4. Myth- Hospice is for when there is no hope.

There is always hope. Hope for a day without pain or other distressing symptoms. Hospices and volunteers encourage patients and families to make the most of each day, taking advantage of the good days by sharing and remembering the good times in the past and dreams of the family for the future.

5. Myth- Hospice patients are not permitted to be hospitalized.

Hospice patients with conditions requiring inpatient care, whether hospice related or not, have access to inpatient care. Hospices continue to service the patient and family during the hospitalization.



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