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The Benefits of Living in a Nursing Home

When independent living is no longer safe for your aging family member, it is time to explore alternative care options. Despite the many advantages of nursing home living, moving your aging loved ones from their home can be difficult, both practically and emotionally. Mitchell Hollingsworth Nursing and Rehab, the premier nursing home in Florence, AL, understands that. Their compassionate and caring staff is committed to making the transition to a nursing home as easy and painless as possible.

Care homes for the elderly offer many advantages over other options, such as part-time in-home care. Not only can the facility provide a safe environment with the bonus of medical care, but the interpersonal relationships with newfound friends and neighbors can improve the emotional well-being of the patients. Continue reading for some of the many other benefits of nursing home living.


Frequently, something has happened to prompt the family to decide that their loved one is no longer safe living independently. It may be leaving a pan burning on the stove, the inability to get out of a tub, getting confused or lost or falling in the shower. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an elderly adult is treated for a fall in an emergency room every 11 seconds, and every 19 minutes, one dies from a fall. With an attentive staff on site 24 hours a day every day, you can feel confident that your family members will have the help they need when they need it.

Specialty Care

When older adults have conditions requiring specialized care, they may have to see a physician or therapist frequently. Finding transportation to and from appointments can provide hardship on family and care-givers, particularly if the patient is not mobile. In a nursing home, specialty care can frequently be provided in the facility. If that isn't possible, they can provide secure transportation to the physician's or therapist's office.

Physical Activity

Another significant advantage of living in a nursing home is access to physical, occupational and exercise therapists who can work with the patient on improving mobility, flexibility, and stability. Their activities can be tailored to special needs and explicitly designed to strengthen areas of weakness. Many of the conditions like lack of strength and problems with balance that are commonly associated with aging are actually caused by lack of activity. Increase physical activity is also believed to help prevent dementia.

Social Events

Isolation often leads to depression, particularly in older adults who can't easily get out of their homes. A nursing home comes with a built-in community of peers with similar experiences and interests. Most have activity directors who schedule regular events to bring the residents together in a fun and entertaining way. Playing games, solving puzzles, and interacting with others can keep the mind sharp.


As adults grow older, they rely more and more on a structure to their daily routines. Nursing homes provide a schedule of meals and activities that create a sense of comfort for the residents so that they expect when their meals will occur and when they have the opportunity to engage in organized events. Even personal hygiene tasks can be scheduled for those who require assistance.

When it is time to make new living arrangements for your loved one, pick the trusted provider with a long history of serving their community. Founded in 1953, Mitchell Hollingsworth Nursing and Rehab is Alabama's first nursing home to be owned and operated by a general hospital. They are still providing first-class nursing and rehabilitation services today. Contact us online anytime or call 1-256-740-5400 for more information on their services or to request a tour of the facility.




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