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  • Begin your day with the perfect start.

  • The perfect start is simply how you start each day.

  • The goal is to make your life happen to your day rather than the day happen to your life. Each day, intentionally invest the first part of the day to build yourself, plan the day, and accomplish your top priorities.

  • Make this a daily habit.

  • Get your mindset right first before you do anything else with your day. Then, plan your day, then tackle objectives for the day.


  1. Prayer and quiet time. Listen to what God has to say. You can also meditate and reflect on things you are grateful for.

  2. Choose the right input for your life such as God’s Word. It will build you mentally and spiritually. You can also read inspirational and educational books that are uplifting and help develop you into the person you want to become. The stronger affirmation is an excellent thing to also read out loud to yourself at this time.

  3. Journal. Write what you’re thinking, feeling, and insights. It’s also a great way to remember what’s important.

  4. Write out your goals. Write your goals, objectives, and to-dos for the day and review the previous day to see if you did what you said you were going to do. It gives you a plan and peace for what you intend to accomplish during the day. It keeps you accountable and moving forward on major goals.

  5. The one thing. Write out the most important thing you want to accomplish. It could be finishing a project, cleaning out your in-box, or working out.

You cannot solve a problem until you acknowledge you have one and accept responsibility for solving it. – Zig Ziglar

  • Identify the problem you want to solve. Write it down.

  • List all of the benefits of solving the problem. The more benefits you list, the more likely you are to stick with it until you solve the problem.

  • List the major obstacles and mountains to climb to solve this problem. What do you have to overcome in order to solve this problem?

  • Identify the skill sand knowledge required to solve this problem. What do you need to learn in order to solve the problem?

  • List the individuals, group, companies, and organizations to work with to solve this problem.

  • Create a plan of action to solve this problem.

  • Write down the completion date the problem will be solved.





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