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Holiday Craft Ornaments for Seniors

Crafting with seniors and residents can be so much fun! Here are a few fun ideas to consider for your crafts.

Wooden Ornaments: These little wooden sleds can be made simply out of popsicle sticks! They can be found at any local craft store such as Hobby Lobby or Joanne’s. Glue sticks or a glue gun can be used to assemble them and painted to help them stand out on your Christmas trees.

Beaded Ornaments: These pretty ornaments can be made using pipe cleaners and holiday beads. If your residents would rather make specific ones, then supply easy-to-use kits to create candy canes, hearts, or snowflakes. If your residents or seniors enjoy this beading activity, then add it to other holidays and make valentine hearts or pumpkins in the fall!

Stitched Ornaments: These ornaments can be assembled by using sewing kits to make birds, hearts, and houses. In addition, if you have professional sewers, then ask them to use needle and thread to sew holiday words like “Noel”, “Joy”, and “Peace” onto fabric that can be hung on your Christmas trees or around the facility.

Simple Ornaments: Finally, provide easy-to-assemble ornaments, like self-stick kits, for your residents who may have a hard time using wood, beads, or needles. For instance, show residents how to peel-and-stick foam pieces to make foam snowmen. This simple craft also makes for a fun intergenerational activity for your residents and their grandchildren.




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