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How Clutter Can Affect Your Health

If your closets are bursting or your desk is topped with piles of disorganized papers, you may want to take some steps toward a neater home or workspace. While a bit of chaos might have some upsides, it has many more downsides. It can even be damaging for your physical and mental health.

When everything is in order, you know exactly where you put your keys or your glasses and you can easily grab them and go on about your day without the added stress of searching and searching. This saves time and hassle. When your space is messy, it can also cause you to feel a bit scatterbrained. Your brain is wired to be able to keep track of only a few details at once for a short period, so it can get overloaded when there’s too much going on. It’s never too late to tidy up. Some studies suggest that piles of “stuff” can make you feel less satisfied with your life. It’s hard to focus on important tasks when several things around you compete for your attention. Are there dishes in the sink? Trash piling over? Being around disorganization can make it harder for your brain to focus. It can be especially tough for people with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). If you need assistance tidying up, a professional organizer may be the best way to restore some order to your space.

If you have too many knickknacks, it may make it more difficult to keep your space clean. That is why they are often called dust collectors. Decluttering will make it easier to dust and vacuum and can also help keep allergies under control so you aren’t sneezing, sniffling, and coughing due to dust or pet dander. A neat and tidy house also creates an inviting environment both for people who live there as well as guests. If your home is messy, you may want to shut people out which can take a toll on relationships and cause you to feel sad, lonely, and depressed. This could be one reason a hoarding disorder tends to overlap with depression and anxiety disorders.

Living with clutter also puts you at risk for getting injured. When your floor is covered with boxes, piles of clothing, excessive rugs or furniture, it makes it that much easier to trip and fall. Too many papers and flammable items can cause your home to be a fire hazard. Even if a fire starts in the most common of ways, clutter can make it harder for emergency personnel to get to you. People who fill their homes with so much stuff and have the hoarding disorder also often tend to overeat and become obese. This in turn can very much hinder your health. There’s also a link to insomnia which is when you are not able to sleep. Sleep is very important for clear thinking and decision making.

A clean home is a healthy home. Clean and organized makes everyone feel happy, but more importantly, it eliminates the stress that's caused by a chaotic environment.



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